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It’s not all work. In my free time, I challenge myself and give wings to creativity.

Personal Projects

Since always, my love for design leads me to explore its different aspects. More than that, it invites me to go beyond what is asked of me, and to develop projects just for the pleasure of learning more, and to do better.

Indeed, the potential of this area of work is countless, both in terms of graphic, editorial design, and web design.

Thus, over the years I have made several experiences, which I call Personal Projects.

In my case, it’s in these works that my most typical options as a web designer come out. Through them, I get to know myself better as a professional.

But, above all, these personal projects of design and web design are a test to myself, and to my abilities.

Likewise, my Personal Projects are a challenge to my creativity and knowledge. After all, with each obstacle that arises, I end up finding new solutions that, later on, will be useful to my clients. Be it creating a responsive website or redesigning an existing one, be it creating posters, infographics or creatives for social networks.

From design to corporate identity: a space of freedom and creativity

Although many of these projects have fictitious clients, they undoubtedly served a very important purpose. In effect, they are a space for freedom and experimentation, for trial and error. But above all, this body of work represents enormous personal satisfaction.

Unfortunately, in the rush of daily life, with so many tasks and deadlines to meet, we do not always set aside time to create. However, creativity is essential to the human being, although we do not always value it.

First of all, creating is an individual act, of solitude, in which we are with ourselves. Indeed, no one can write a book, or develop an architectural or design project, for example, unless they are in the quiet of their own company.

In those moments, we disconnect from the world, become completely absorbed, and think freely, without barriers or disturbances. In short, these are moments of total concentration, when our brain gives the best of itself.

However, for many people, being alone can be uncomfortable. Nowadays, many people prefer to be always entertained with something outside, as if being with themselves were uncomfortable.

Yet it is precisely these moments alone that allow us to create. And, at the end of the process, we feel fulfilled.


``I was very pleased with the final result. I had a very concrete idea of what I was looking for, and Ana Margarida knew how to respond to my demands in an extremely committed and very professional way. I strongly recommend it!``- André Baleiro
``Ana is not only an amazing website designer, she is one of the most disciplined and organized persons I know. She does her job meticulously and goes above and beyond in all sincerity of her assignment. She is very focused and punctual, two qualities which makes any project she takes up very interesting and successful. Also she is very funny and hardworking. I am so pleased with my website and the way she conducted despite the initial language and geographic barriers between us. I am looking forward to the next level of my website for which I am definitely coming back to Ana Margarida Mota. I wish you all the best for all your future assignments. Lots of love and regards.``- Kiran Feerasta - The Kay Kronicle
``Ana Margarida Mota’s work in the development Organize Agenda website, was excellent. She is very efficient, responsible and professional. I’m very grateful for all the recommendations provided throught our partnership. The project was completed in an exceptionally way. I was very happy with the result.``- Maria Cristina Sousa - Organize Agenda
``All the work carried out by Ana Margarida on the development of the new website of outCome, driven with professionalism and rigor, exceeded our expectations regarding the final result. The proposals, answers and solutions provided along the Project were always valid and timely. We consider this partnership a success and will continue to work with Ana and recommend her without any reservations.``- outCOme
``Competent and very dedicated professional. Excelent perception of the project requirements. We were very happy by contacting her. The Project was completed on a very satisfactory way and we expect this to be the start of a long term partnership.``- Café com Pernas
``The work carried out by Ana Margarida was excelent. Thanks for her dedication and commitment on the creation and development of the website.``- Vânia Mafalda Arantes - Casos Singulares

This is just a starting point.

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